Hello everyone!

We are the students from Arunodaya English School, Thimi, Nepal! We have started a mini canteen called “GOOD FOOD GOOD MOOD” in our school as part of the School Enterprise Challenge! We would love for all of you to know us a little better!

You know as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. It all started when we, a few students along with our teacher decided to bring food from our home one day and share among ourselves. That was the birth of what today has become a Mini Canteen!

Firstly, we conducted market research and identified our target market. We, then assembled a team comprising of seventeen students monitored by two teachers. We bought food from various wholesale vendors and sell them at an affordable price inside the school premises!

The biggest challenge we had to face was the competition from outside vendors. They knew there was a huge market for their food in our school and tried to everything in their power to lure us. We, decided we would stick together and pursue with what we had started! The other problem was the parents! Initially, they doubted us and our idea but we have since been successful in turning them to pretty enthusiastic well-wishers!

We used our pocket money to launch the idea. A leader was chosen. Our teacher helped us in every step of the way of course! We divided the business into 4 sub departments; Marketing, Storage, Preparation, Sales and Record. Department Heads were chosen according to the skills we possessed.

To make sure our business is sustainable and profitable; we plan to add more food items to the menu. We also plan to involve more students in to the business!

We have decided to donate 20% of our profit to an old age home in our locality. We believe our contribution to the institution will have a positive impact, not only in the lives of the elderly, but the whole community as well.

The concepts we have learned during this project, related to accounting, mathematics, business studies, health sciences, sociology have been extremely useful, not only for us involved directly with the project, but for everybody connected with the school as well. Because of this business idea, we are getting to know behavioral concept like leadership, entrepreneurship, teamwork, brainstorming, co-operation, confidence, problem solving and decision-making!

GOOD FOOD GOOD MOOD has been a wonderful experience for all of us! You are all invited to our mini-canteen! Until next time!